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According to USAToday the average medical cost for a day in the hospital is $9,000. Can you afford to pay this out of pocket?

The Average child gets sick 6 times a year. An average doctor's visit is $230 plus an average prescription of $260. Can you afford to pay this?

With the federal statistics showing that the average cost to treat a Heart Attack is $20,000 we should be concerned about having quality health insurance. Don't get stuck with medical debt that you can't afford to pay. Get covered today, with Suffield Financial Health Coverage!

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Can you put a price on your wellbeing? What about your family members? Having a medical plan is very important. Most policies have expensive and outrageous monthly payments/ co-pays. We know that it is important to be taken care of when illnesses and emergency care is needed. We provide you with quality service, we will treat you like a king, regardless if you feel like one. Many insurance company will refuse to cover somethings even though it states it on their policy. Agencies like this are just a hassle and headache to deal with, especially when someone is ill. Here at Suffield we won't take advantage of our client's situation we are here to serve you. Suffield is an honest and dedicated quote comparison site that has been awarded for "Going Above and Beyond" the customer service expectations. We will go out of our way to get you the best coverage at the price you can afford. The company has been around since 2003 and is an online leader in a variety of policies. Suffield Financial provides you with the best rates, click on Get A Free Quote on the bottom left to find out more.

Some individuals do not find it a priority to purchase coverage, however in the long run these individuals pay more money out of pocket. When it comes to families being insured, it's not an option. A child becomes ill on average every 2 month and is prescribed medicine every 6 months. Imagine not being able to take your child to the doctor because you can't afford to pay for it. It is important to keep children healthy. When you are ready to make you and your families’ health a priority, click on Get A Free Quote in the bottom left!

With over 3 years of experience it is safe to say we have all our bases covered. We work side by side with the best lenders. When these lenders compete in order to get your business you really do win. Most of our customers get quotes that are much cheaper then what they are currently paying, or what they were expecting to pay. We get you the best prices and the best quality, it's what we do! When you are ready to apply for a free quote and find out how you could be saving hundreds of dollars on your policy click on Get A Free Quote on the bottom left.


Individual/Family Coverage

Suffield Financial Health Insurance has the best rates for individuals and families. We have a vast selection of health insurance plans that are tailored to your individual needs; we have the cheapest prices, a highly educated staff to assist you, and a safe and secure online websites, available 24/7!

Small Business Coverage

When people decide on a job they focus on two things: money and benefits. Working for a great organization that in turn has great benefits is a very attractive opportunity. Check out the small business policies and learn how you could be increasing the quality of your employees.

Short Term Coverage

Are you planning on traveling outside the country? Going to a third world country can be scary enough as it is, but without health coverage in places like Africa could be even more terrifying. Get coverage for the dates desired and don't risk paying out of pocket!

Student Coverage

Students come into contact with people from all over the world on a daily basis. Isn't it safe to say that you would want to have health insurance just in case illness strikes you? Be Healthy, Stay Healthy, Be Insured with Suffield! Click on Get A Free Quote to find out more!
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